Industrial Separation Systems

Separation Dynamics

Separation Dynamics makes water filtration and recycling systems to help manufacturers clean better and manage water contaminated with oil more efficiently. They bring over 30 years of knowledge to many industries.


We’ve been providing quality separation systems for the proper treatment of oil, fuel and surface water for decades. Along with our top customer service initiatives and support, Zealtek provides tailor-made separation solutions.

Industrial Machining

We offer a wide range of separation equipment for the industrial machining industries. From vibrating sieves and screeners to self-cleaning filters, Zealtek delivers solutions guaranteed to improve the quality of your liquids.

Industrial Fluid Handling

We specialize in the design of world-class fluid handling separation technologies. The right solutions for your industrial fluid handling needs will dramatically improve the efficiency of your manufacturing needs, all while reducing waste.

Grinding & Honing

Our grinding and honing fluid separation systems will reduce pollution and environmental impact, all while maximizing overall lifespan of fluid. Our fluid separation systems are capable of solid separations to the single micron.

Non Destructive Testing

We can help you clean and reduce your wastewater! Many manufacturing plants face a certain level of oily water and contamination from non-destructive testing. Our separation systems allow you to meet today’s high-quality standards.

Heat Treating

Our systems allow manufacturers to better clean parts. Our customers come to us because they struggle to meet part cleanliness without affecting their production efficiency. We’ll help you eliminate these issues, while reducing your costs.

Water Reclamation

A quality separation system is key when it comes to proper water reclamation. We offer a wide range of water recovery and cleaning systems that provide separation of unwanted particles, including microorganisms, from water.

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