A Passion for Technology

Technology provides the tools we use to solve problems, improve processes, protect equipment and lower operating costs. Zealtek works with you to apply the best technology to address filtration and automation needs.

Products and Processes

Zealtek started in 1998 as a manufacturer’s representative firm primarily serving the industrial fluid filtration needs of the metal working industry. Zealtek has grown over the years to better serve our industrial customer base by continuing as a manufacture’s representative, distributor, integrator, engineering service provider and manufacturer to better serve or industrial customer base. Find out more about our automation, industrial fluid filtration and separation equipment, products and systems.

Our reliable automation systems allow you meet all of your production needs.

Proper fluid filtration is paramount in sectors ranging from municipal to industrial.

We ensure top clean treatments and efficient ways of separating contaminated liquids.

These functional units are designed for large plants that do not have underground utilities.


Our team specializes in manufacturing process and mechanical support systems. From initial design and engineering services to full engineered system evaluations and industrial product sales – we can provide the expertise you need.

Zealtek offers engineering services to help design complete solutions for all of our customers. Our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. To this extent, we offer rental and trial units to confirm that the proposed equipment is right for your desired application.

Zealtek Service Engineers

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