Zealtek Filter and Separation Products

Zealtek Filtration and Separation

At Zealtek, we offer long-lasting products that are guaranteed to stand up to rigors of industry. We stand behind the quality of all of our products, knowing our systems deliver low-cost and energy-efficient solutions to all of our customers.

Zealtek strives to make sure we are supplying the right equipment for the application by offering rental and trial units to confirm that the proposed equipment is right for your use case!

Zealtek Filtration Products

Filter Elements

The right filter elements should be designed to remove substances such as oil, water, dust or other various aerosols during the filtration process. We offer a number of different industrial filter elements for a wide range of filtration applications. Our filter elements are available in various designs depending on what temperature, viscosity or compatibility challenges your manufacturing processes may face.

Zealtek ZPE 10 Pleated Element

ZPE 10 Pleated Filter

Zealtek stocks the ZPE 10 an economical trade size 2 high performance 10 micron pleated bag. The pleated bag offers extended life versus standard bags due to the increased surface area. The ZPE 10 offers better filtration due to the improved sealing of the element in the housing with the polyurethane top, the tight polyester media and the welded seam construction.

Zealtek Separation Products

Standard Bar Magnets

We have a large selection of circular bar magnets specifically designed for use as magnetic filters for a number of industry requirements. These products are available in all industry standard sizes. Cleanable and built-to-last, we only offer the highest of quality products on the market for all your filtration needs. Call us today to find out more about these high-performance magnets and what they can do for your production.

Custom Bar Magnets

We can custom design bar magnets to suit your specific needs and configurations. Our engineers can adjust all bar magnets to suit various variations in regard to bar length and spacing. Custom bar magnets have superior strength. These powerful ceramic and rare earth magnets are used in conjunction with bags and pleated bags. They can even be square or inline. Contact us to hear about our complete line of offerings

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