Industrial Safety Stations

Industrial Safety and Comfort Stations

Our safety and comfort stations are available to address your safety concerns. We also have convenient optional features that you can add to your station. These features include drench showers, eye wash stations and first aid kits. 

The safety maintenance solution for manufacturing, temporary facilities and plants that may be repurposed. We’re known for our long-lasting, quality equipment. At Zealtek, we’re proud to stand behind our safety and comfort stations.

Oasis Station Specialty Configurations

Zealtek’s safety and comfort stations are customizable to satisfy your company’s need. There are many different features that you can choose from.

Our safety and comfort stations are easily relocated which provides flexibility when doing a plant layout, for less than what you’d pay for fixed installations. These stations increase employee productivity and improve employee access to hygiene and safety equipment. The units can also be used to isolate industrial and hazardous waste from the sanitary sewer system.

Oasis Station Optional Attachments

Drinking fountain
Water coolers
Water Filters
Ice Makers
Coffee Maker

Storage Cabinet
Under counter Storage
Self-Contained Sump and Pump
Load Centers with GFI circuit breakers
110v electrical outlets
Mop sinks and spigots
Water Heater

Soap/Lotion Dispensers
Towel Dispensers
First aid kits
Eye Wash
Hand sinks
Drench Showers

Mop Sink Station

The Mop Sink Station is an economical option to installing an in-floor mop sink when the utilities are not readily available. The Mop Sink Station is also used to isolate industrial or hazardous waste that should not be disposed of in a sanitary sewer.

Evacuation Station Stand Alone Product

Evacuation Station

The Evacuation Station is used to evacuate mop buckets, floor scrubbers and other fluid containers when an in floor sump or drain is not available. The Evacuation Station is also used to pump out industrial or hazardous waste that cannot be disposed of in the sanitary sewer.

Zealtek Mini Station

Mini Stations

The Zealtek Mini Station is a smaller and less costly product when a wash station with hot water is all that is required and underground water, power, and drainage are not available.

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