Industrial Fluid Filtration

Rosedale Products Inc

Zealtek is a master distributor for Rosedale Products. Rosedale has been in the filter business for over 75 years and making filter bag housings since 1980. Rosedale provides high-quality, innovative liquid filtration products and solutions.

Zealtek Filtration Products

Our innovative proprietary equipment solutions for filtration systems delivers low-cost and energy-efficient solutions to all of our customers. At Zealtek, we offer long-lasting products that are guaranteed to stand up to rigors of industry.

Industrial Machining

Processes such as cutting, milling and grinding have never been done more efficiently. Achieve longer lifetimes. Your filtration systems should also allow for the safer production of tooling machines and increase your overall production.

Industrial Fluid Handling

A quality fluid handling system plays an integral role in manufacturing. Our fluid handling systems are designed for optimized efficiency. Improving the effectiveness will allow for your entire facility to operate with less waste.

Waste Water Treatment

Using the proper filtration systems in water treatment will allow the removal of unwanted solid particles from water. For any pre-treated wastewater, our quality systems can correct the quality of water for any specific industrial application.

Grinding & Honing

These filtration systems are essential for removing contaminants. We’re a trusted manufacturer of coolant filtration systems for high production machining and honing applications. Our systems feature single- and multi-pump configurations.

Municipal Water Filtration

Filtration systems in the municipal water treatment process are essential to removing dangerous sediment, iron, manganese or sulfur particles to make the water sufficient enough to be ingested. A reliable system is crucial for these processes.

Brewing & Bottling

Our filtration systems for brewing and bottling industries are essential for preserving taste, freshness and purity of your products. To maintain uniformity of flavor from bottle to bottle, invest in a filtration system that maintains quality.

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