How Clean is Clean?

The reason customers are interested in purchasing a filter is to clean a fluid. In order to make a recommendation to properly size a filter we need to gather information.

One of the items we need to know is the cleanliness requirement. As a general rule the more stringent the cleanliness requirement is, the larger and more expensive the filter becomes.

Cleanliness is measured in two ways:
1. Particle size which is typically measured in microns.
2. Gravimetric testing measures the weight of particulate relative to the total weight of a fluid sample. This is typically represented in measurements of parts per million or mg/l.

Many customers focus on particle size and find they have issues because the filter meets the particle size clarity requirement but the smaller particles cause the parts per million to build up to the point that the fluid in no longer viable for the application. You may have heard the terms “nominal” and “absolute” – let us explain the difference to you as they are drastically different.

If you have a filtration application or issue, please give us a call so we can go through a system and application analysis to determine the proper filtration approach.

June 22, 2018