Safety and Comfort Stations

We get several common reactions to our Oasis Station line of safety and comfort stations such as;

“These are nice, I would like to have one for my pool or garage” “Can you put a beer tap on it”

“How much does one cost?”

“What does it do?”

“Who buys them and why?”

The Oasis Station was developed for large industrial plants that do not have underground utilities and wanted a flexible manufacturing floor. The manufacturing plants that use Oasis Stations are large and they don’t have underground utilities to supply water or drain waste they wanted and above floor unit that operators could use to clean up instead of having to walk to the perimeter of the plant to find a restroom.
The Oasis Station allows for a single power drop, air drop, water drop and waste connection which integrates several features into a single unit which can be moved if required. The result is a great looking functional unit that is less expensive to install then purchasing and installing each of the services independently.
The Oasis Stations are built to order and can be custom configured to meet a customer’s needs.
Please contact us to review options and discuss pricing and delivery.

June 22, 2018