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About Zealtek

Zealtek is an application engineering, problem solving manufacturer, representative and distributor of industrial fluid filtration and separation equipment, products and systems.  Zealtek is also the manufacturer of the Oasis Station line of Integrated Safety and Comfort Stations.

Zealtek, LLC was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer’s representative firm primarily serving the industrial fluid filtration needs of the metal working industry.

Zealtek is “Passion for Technology”.  The founders of the firm believed that passion is a defining characteristic in successful organizations and it influences all we do.  Technology provides the tools we use to solve problems, improve processes, protect equipment or lower operating costs.

Passion leads to drive and grit which is what helped guide the company through several major changes over the years which has made Zealtek a different and yet stronger company now more than ever.   Zealtek continues to evolve by adding new products, aligning with new companies, adding new people and exploring and offering new technologies.

Zealtek works to be a customer advocate.

  • The advantage we can offer to our customers is that we have freedom to offer products or solutions from several vendors or to say no if we can’t meet a potential customers expectations. We would rather forgo an order than take an order we don’t think is right.
  • In many instances our expectations exceed those of our customers.
  • We work very hard at trying to provide our customers what they need not just what they ask for. We must be able to provide value and service to our customers.
  • Zealtek strives to make sure we are supplying the right equipment for the application.
  • Zealtek offers engineering services to help design complete solutions to customer.
  • Zealtek offers rental and trial units to confirm that the proposed equipment is right for the application.
  • We work very hard to during the order process to avoid problems after the sale but, if issues do arise we are diligent in resolving them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Zealtek is driven to improve because it is the right thing to do.  We believe we must compete with ourselves every day to stay relevant as an organization.

We want represent companies and work with people that share our values in terms of customer service, quality and performance.

Since our founding in 1998 our efforts have resulted in a dynamic and vibrant company that is supporting hundreds of world class industrial customers globally.  We look forward to serving you.


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